WWE SmackDown Live 7th May (2019) HDTV 480P 350MB

By | 12th May 2019

Synopsis: A.J. Styles opened the show making his return to Smackdown after only a few weeks on Raw. After saying hello to the crowd and attempting to explain the Wildcard Rule, Sami Zayn interrupted him. Kofi and Xavier Woods then interrupted Zayn. After the three interacted for a moment, Kofi said he wanted to put the championship on the line against either Zayn or Styles tonight, he didn’t care who. In the main event, Kofi would take on both Styles and Zayn. Near the end of the match, Kevin Owens would come out and take out Xavier Woods who was cheering on Kofi at ringside. Sami hit Kofi with the Blue Thunder Bomb twice for two very believable near falls. Kofi would eventually hit Sami with a Trouble in Paradise and pin Zayn for the win. The Wildcard Rule and how it worked was further muddied on Smackdown.

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