The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Episode 20 (2019) WEB-DL 720P 175MB

By | 27th April 2019

Synopsis: Sheldon and Amy have taken center stage on The Big Bang Theory the last few weeks, but with fewer than five episodes left, it was time to press pause on Nobel Watch 2019 to focus on the other main characters, specifically Leonard and Penny. In “The Decision Reverberation,” Leonard admits to Penny that he’s not happy at work and wants a change. Before we get to that, though, we finally see Anu again (for one scene at least), and all seems well with her and Raj. They’re flirty and cute, and I’m bummed we haven’t gotten more scenes with them. Howard and Bernadette are basically supporting players to Raj this week, who is worried that people won’t take him or his work seriously. He hypothesized that there are many unknowns in the universe, which could mean aliens exist, causing everyone to have an opinion. Sure.

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