The Flash Season 05 Episode 20 (2019) HDTV 720P 325MB ESubs

By | 3rd May 2019

Synopsis: Barry and Nora go to stop some art thieves, with Iris getting frustrated when Nora cuts her off. Nora reveals that in the future, Iris is cold, distant, and critical of her actions. Nora goes to spend some time with Cecile, finding out more about Iris from her. Later, a new meta called Rag Doll attacks an architect and destroys his office, though the Flash saves him. Iris and Barry try to investigate the new meta, but the latter gets captured by Rag Doll and held hostage on a rooftop with power dampening cuffs (though the villain’s unaware of Barry’s abilities). Ralph and Iris go to save Barry, with Iris jumping off the building to remove Barry’s cuffs while he’s falling and allowing him to save them just as Ralph defeats Rag Doll. Iris later reconciles with Nora, and the two start to grow closer. Meanwhile, Cisco, Caitlin, Ralph, and Sherloque investigate Caitlin’s father and track him to a university office and a chem lab before Cisco suddenly collapses. As his damaged hands negatively affect his health while using his powers, Cisco takes control of DeVoe’s satellites so he can try and find both Thomas and Cicada.

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