Aakhet (2021) 600MB 720p HDRip Hindi

By | 20th January 2021
Aakhet (2021) 600MB 720p HDRip Hindi

Ratings: N/A
Genre(s): Drama
Directed By: Ravi Buley
Released On: 2021
Star Cast: Tanima Bhattacharya, Rajnikant Singh, Prince Niranjan

Synopsis: Babu Nepal Singh of laadi village is a clannish, wealthy and a married person of the age about 40-42 years. He spends his holidays alone away from his urban life style every year, without fail. But he doesn’t take his wife along with, nobody knows the reason and his other colleague’s don’t have much enthusiasm for outgoing to pass away their holidays with him. In his monotonous routine one of Babu Nepal sing’s regrets in life is that he has never hunted a tiger whereas his royal ancestors had killed many tigers. His one friend suggested him to visit Betla Forest, Palamu, Jharkhand in coming Durga Puja vacation where he can shoot a tiger and gave him a tour guide address. His name is Murshed who lives in the village near Beta forest. Knowing this snoop Babu Nepal Singh turned out with thrill and he prepares his mind to go for tiger expedition in the forest of Betla without fail. Thus he rushed for nearby village along with his ancestral gun as his holiday begins – Finally what happens …

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